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Absolute Attention: From the moment you enter our office, you, the client, receive our absolute personal attention to your needs.

Never Rushed: As you receive treatment from Dr. Hendricks you will never feel rushed. We design our schedule to allow for a complete dialogue about your symptoms, progress, and recent history.

Pleasant Atmosphere: The typical Utah resident happens to be an uncommonly spiritual person. Wasatch Chiropractic Clinic surrounds you with pleasant music and art but does not encourage or force you to embrace an alternative or new-age view in order to experience the healing benefits of our treatment.

People before technology: While we employ modern equipment to assist us in treatment you will never feel like you are being treated by a machine. Rather, you will experience the healing touch of highly skilled practitioners.

Multi-generational family orientation: Families have been with us since our inception. In our 20 years of operation we now have experienced grandparents, their children and grandchildren! This respect for generational trust carries over in the way you are treated by our staff.

Prompt and timely service: All of us have experienced the frustration of extended waiting periods in the offices of physicians. In our demanding culture, time is valuable, we schedule carefully and precisely. However, there are times when you need immediate treatment without a previously scheduled appointment. We will do our best to fit you in as possible.

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